Reference List - Steel Construction


Apollinaris Brunnen AG, Bad Neuenahr/Germany
2-level, double pallet transport line, length approx. 75 m

Apollinaris Brunnen AG
Heavy-duty steel base structure for syrup mixing room and tank systems, including complete enclosure with ISO wall elements, including doors, windows and stairways, approx. 35 t.

Apollinaris Brunnen AG, Bad Neuenahr
Suspended canopy in pallet loading area
Railway side track
Length: approx. 120 m
Projection: approx. 6 m
Weight: approx. 35 t

Apollinaris + Schweppes GmbH, Bad Neuenahr
Various operation platforms, stairways, transitions for system V of steel, galvanized, approx. 100 m2, supply and installation

Bad Liebenzeller Mineralbrunnen AG, Bad Liebenzell
Approx. 65m2 machinery platform, height 3 m, with accesses, operation landing, etc.; cover of aluminium bulb plate

Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbrunnen, Bad Dürrheim/Black Forest
Stainless steel platforms with stairway access, partly suspended from the ceiling

Coca- Cola, Kaiserslautern
Base structure for pallets and bottle conveyors in several levels, approx. 420m2 of platform area

Eckes Granini, Hennef/Bröl
Stainless steel platforms with trough cover for ACT system, approx. 110 m2, supply and installation

Eckes- Granini, Krefeld
Stainless steel platforms, approx. 60 m2

Eichbaum Brauerei AG, Mannheim
2-level pallet transport base structure with turntables, operation walkway, stairways, protection grating, etc.; length approx. 60 m

Frankenbrunnen AG, Neustadt/Aisch
Approx. 260 m2 of pallet transport base structure including operation and control cabinet platforms, stairways, etc

Henkel & Söhnlein, Wiesbaden
Operation platforms on various levels, with maintenance walkways, stairways, balustrades, etc. as well as suspended pallet transport base structure, approx. 25 t.

Hochwaldsprudel Schwollen
Loader platform with access, control cabinet platform, approx. 120 m2, supply and installation

Maria Hilf hospital, Bad Neuenahr
New Cafeteria: circular pavilion with a diameter of approx. 16 m, steel/aluminium/glass structure

Krombacher Brauerei B. Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG Kreuztal, Krombach
Pallet transport platform with feed stations, length approx. 70 m, approx. 211 m2, supply and installation

Rhodius Mineralbrunnen GmbH, Burgbrohl
Control cabinet platform with complete ISO wall enclosure including windows and door systems, approx. 25 t

Rhodius Qualitäts- Schleifmittel GmbH
Steel base structure for big bag system, roof systems [deutsch: Dauchaufbau!]  and platforms, approx. 20 t

Thüringer Waldquell, Thüringen
Approx. 70 m long base structure for pallet transport system, partly enclosed with ISO wall elements, protection grating, etc., approx. 42 t.

Brandenburger Urstromquelle, Baruth
Platforms for container transport and control cabinets, approx. 285m2

SGL Carbon GmbH, Bonn
3-level silo system with crane runway, height approx. 20 m, weight approx. 56 t, supply and installation

SGL Carbon GmbH, Bonn
Piping bridge in engine room, weight approx. 10 t, clear span 30 m, supply and installation


Shen Mei, Shanghai/China
Loader platform, approx. 80 m2, supply only

Coca-Cola, Tianjin/China
Platforms for loader, stripper, filler; approx. 320 m2, supply only

Coca-Cola Tapperierne, Fredericia/Denmark
Stainless steel platforms, various landings, stairways, etc.; approx. 180 m2, 14 t

Coca-Cola Benelux, Socx/France
Various operation platforms, transitions and landings, supply and installation

Pepsi, Bagdad/Iraq
Complete platform system for loader, stripper, de-foiling stations, rinser, capper, etc. of galvanized steel; for 2 complete systems; approx. 450 m2

Red Stripe Brewery, Kingston/Jamaica
Operation platform, approx. 35 m2, supply only

Yusco Canadadry, Hodeidah/Yemen
Platforms for crate + tray transport, length approx. 90 m, 200 m2, supply and installation

Kompania Piwowarska S.A, Tychy/ Poland
Complete platform system for loader and stripper, retrieval tables, etc., of galvanized steel with trough cover, supports of stainless steel, approx. 480 m2, supply and installation

Bison Abuljadajel, Jeddah/Saudi Arabia
Complete platform system, loader, stripper, rinser, filler; of galvanized steel, approx. 175 m2, supply and installation

Pepsi, Khamish Mushayt/Saudi Arabia
Complete platform system for palletizer, de-palletizer, de-foiling station, rinser; of galvanized steel, filler platform of stainless steel, approx. 245 m2, supply and installation

Al Jomaih Company Bottling Plant, Riyad/Saudi Arabia
150 m2 platforms, stainless steel filler platform; supply and installation.

PIOVARNA UNION, Ljubljana/ Slovenia
Platforms for can system, including stairways, transitions, etc.; 170  m2, various stainless steel platforms and stairways, as well as transitions, etc. for PET system

La Rinconada, Sevilla/Spain
Engineering for stainless steel platforms above A-septic filler, approx. 50  m2

Rauch Trading AG, Widnau/Switzerland (Red Bull)
Supporting structure for container transport of galvanized steel, supports of stainless steel; approx. 70 m2, supply and installation

Platform for palletizer, approx. 105 m2, supply

Dubai Refreshments, Dubai U. A. E.
Complete platform system for loader, stripper, rinser filler platform of stainless steel; approx. 250 m2, supply and installation

Approx. 95 m2 stainless steel platforms above A-septic filler; supply and installation

Platform for loader, stripper, rinser and auxiliary landings; approx. 55 m2, supply only