Reference List - Metal Construction


Apollinaris-Brunnen-AG, Bad Neuenahr
Approx. 350 m2 windows and façade systems in various construction stages, sectional and rolling gates

Kur-AG Bad Neuenahr
Concert hall façade construction
Approx. 200 window elements for Hochstaden health clinic

Various fire and smoke door systems, balcony outside balustrades, staircase balustrades of brass and stainless steel

Maria Hilf hospital, Bad Neuenahr
Approx. 650 m2 multipart windows and façade elements, partly with sun protection systems; various door and gate systems
Approx. 200 m2 inclined roof glazing in post-and beam construction (umbrella roof)

Volksbank Bad Neuenahr
Various entrance constructions, partly with automatic door systems

Car dealership Vornberger, Bad Neuenahr
New construction of showroom building and dialogue reception, including all relevant fitter work (stairways, balustrades, smoke doors)

Aral Station Montabaur
Façade and gate elements, window and door elements, shop

Municipality of Bad Neuenahr
Facility management
Window and door systems for various buildings
(primary schools / sanitary facilities / indoor pool)

EVM Adenau, New Construction
Approx. 50 metres of display window front, fire and smoke doors
40 multipart window systems / party in sound-insulated design

Audi Centre, Koblenz
VW centre and Audi centre
45 metres of display window front
250 m2 glass partition walls in the interior
fully glazed doors / balcony balustrades
Approx. 10 t of steel structures for building expansion